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Judge rules doctors can decline to perform transgender surgery on religious grounds

A U.S. federal court ruled on Tuesday that doctors will not be required to perform gender transition surgeries if it runs contrary to their religious beliefs. The decision reversed a requirement put forth by the Obama administration three years ago.

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Why many evangelicals believe climate change is a hoax

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old from Sweden, received widespread support for her recent actions to combat climate change — except from those who believe it’s a hoax. Among them: evangelical Christians. Here’s why so many of them oppose the politics of climate change.

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From ‘monumental’ to unimpressed, Christians react to latest ‘gay gene’ research

A study that found there’s no single gene linked to homosexual behavior has been largely met with praise by some Christian leaders and shrugs by others.

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Are you 'spiritual but not religious'? There's a church for that
Disappearing Chinese Uighurs are likely victims of organ harvesting

A recent report estimates 60,000 organ transplant surgeries happen in China every year, an industry adding $1 billion a year to the economy and cracking down on religious groups seen as a threat to the Communist Party.

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Can French politicians make Notre Dame great again?

Rebuilding Notre Dame will be a painstaking task. Estimated to cost in the billions, the cathedral has also become a political pawn in a broader fight between traditionalists and secularists. In a country divided politically — the recent European election was another reminder of this — the fate of Notre Dame very much rests in the hands of the country’s warring lawmakers.

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New Film 'Unplanned' Tells Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson's Story

A new film tells Abby Johnson’s journey from being an award-winning director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas to becoming an outspoken pro-life advocate.

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Fighting for life as Britain’s ‘death culture’ takes hold

(COMMENTARY) One week after Britain’s leading anti-euthanasia activist Peter Saunders stepped down from his charity, the Royal College of Physicians and British Medical Association published new guidelines permitting its members to remove food and fluids from brain-damaged patients without the need of a judge’s permission.

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Will the Catholic Church excommunicate Andrew Cuomo over abortion law?

Politics and religion have come to loggerheads after Catholic conservatives called for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to be excommunicated, splitting the church’s hierarchy on how to deal with politicians who further an agenda contrary to the traditional teachings of the church. The call came after Cuomo signed into state law a measure that expanded abortion rights across the state.

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Surprise – The crucial religion story of 2018 is the specter of 'designer babies'

(COMMENTARY) He Jiankui, a U.S.-trained biological researcher in China, claims he has successfully altered the genes of newly born twins, with a third such birth expected soon.

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Dr. Michael Guillen speaks on “The End of Life as We Know It” and the significance of faith in today’s world

Author and scientist Michael Guillen warns that scientists are working to resurrect extinct species and robots have made leaps and bounds. He says Christians must take this opportunity to provide wisdom to a world so obsessed with scientific progress without considering the ramifications.

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In Stories On Teen Sex And Pregnancy In UK, the Daily Mail And The Times Abstain From Discussing Religion

PERSPECTIVE - The Daily Mail, The Times, and other outlets report that claims that cutting government spending on sexual education would lead to a rise in teen pregnancy have now been shown to be untrue. Yet none bothers with issues of deeper ethical or religious motivations in the controversy. 

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Journalists put faith in new media

Kiev, Ukraine - October 2009

Ukrainian journalists recently gathered near Kiev with guests from five other countries to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Novomedia, the association of Christians in news media in Ukraine, and to discuss trends in new media. 

International guests from Russia, Latvia and Germany reflected on Novomedia's accomplishments while they took in the two-day conference sponsored by Novomedia.  

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