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NFL turns 100: Lombardi's faith and the story of the Hail Mary pass

(OPINION) It’s the NFL’s birthday. Looking back at great plays and memorable Super Bowl performances are a given. What about what players and coaches believed? What about their motivations? How about religion and the impact it left on the game?

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Tony Dungy’s new book examines the 'SOUL' that goes into a winning team

(COMMENTARY) In his latest book, Soul of a Team, co-written with Nathan Whitaker, the great football coach Tony Dungy asks the question: “What separates the truly great teams from the mediocre ones?” His answer can be found in “four simple yet highly effective principles — selflessness, ownership, unity, and larger purpose.” Those four principles form the acronym S.O.U.L.

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March Madness 2019: Finding God at the NCAA basketball tournament

(COMMENTARY) These God connections aren’t always easy to spot during March Madness. The TV coverage or your local newspaper’s sports section aren’t always there to point them out. It’s often something a player or coach will say in postgame news conferences — and highlighted by Christian news organizations — that thrusts faith into the limelight.

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