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A more diverse, conservative Anglicanism is growing

The Episcopal Church in the U.S., part of the Anglican communion and the Church of England, is too liberal on issues like same-sex marriage for many expats from Africa and the Global South. The split in views and immigration to the U.S. and Canada is prompting growth in the conservative split-off, the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), while the Episcopal Church is gradually declining.

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Easter attacks killed Nigerian Christians too

(NEWS ANALYSIS) Reports claim that more than 40 Nigerian Christians were killed in the week leading up to Easter, and many more remain missing. Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari was quick to send condolences to Sri Lanka, but slower to respond to Islamist attacks on Christians in his country.

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The African ‘Women’s Wave’ is powered by pro-choice Christian feminists

These African women’s activists say greater access to safe abortions will save women’s lives—and they believe that’s the most Christian response.

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