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Regular Contributors: Lela Gilbert (Washington D.C.), Clemente Lisi (New York), Tom Osanjo (Nairobi), Inger Alestig (Stockholm), Jayson Casper (Cairo), Surinder Kaur Lal (New Delhi), Paul Marshall (Washington D.C.), Vishal Arora (New Delhi), Jenny Taylor (London), Stephen David (Bangalore), Sylvia Yu (Hong Kong), Baby Lyn Chacho Resulta (Manila), Ben Cal (Manila), Daniel E. Valles (Mexico), Robert Carle (New York), Rich Potts (Austin)

Columnists: Richard Ostling (US), Ira Rifkin (US), Clemente Lisi (New York), Terry Mattingly (US), Lela Gilbert (Washington D.C.), Jenny Taylor (London), George Conger (US)

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Religion Unplugged is a non-profit news organization, funded by It serves as an online news magazine on the topic of religion. Its lean staff of editors in New York City welcome pitches and stories from contributors around the world.


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