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William F. Buckley Jr.'s Catholic faith and conservative political legacy

William Buckley’s ability to articulate a strong national defense, need for small government and a devotion to God and traditional values became the bedrock of the modern American conservative movement. It was Buckley’s Catholic faith that proved central to his life and ideology. He was a man who not only lived his devotion daily, but one that helped to inspire future generations of politicians, thinkers and broadcasters.

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Religious Freedom: What the United States can learn from Canada’s mistakes

(COMMENTARY) Canada serves as a warning to the United States of the tricky balance that the legalization of same-sex marriage brings with it. The Supreme Court must protect the religious freedom of all American citizens. Should justices rule otherwise, the U.S. could be headed down the same downward spiral that Canada finds itself in today. 

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Religious freedom is a fundamental right, not legalized discrimination

(COMMENTARY) Some would have you believe that religious exemptions are nothing more than the government sanctioning irrational hatred, but free exercise claims have been respected in our country’s history since the founding of America. This is not a necessary evil that we should put up with, but something that gives the United States its very vitality. 

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Free Speech, Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion? The Media’s Supreme Court Quandary


Most people never read whole articles, and a surprising number of readers don’t make it past the first paragraph of a news story. Plenty of people share articles without ever reading them. So, how do news agencies fare with their headlines for culture war cases that make it to the Supreme Court? Alex Grass finds out.

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