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Orthodox Easter: Crusader-era Holy Fire Ceremony lights up Jerusalem

Thousands of Eastern Orthodox pilgrims crowded in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday for the Easter ceremony at Jesus’ burial and resurrection site. Some believe a flame miraculously comes from heaven into Jesus’ tomb.

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1,000 years of Orthodoxy history loom over today's Moscow-Istanbul clash

(COMMENTARY) There are three distinct Ukrainian Orthodox strains with differing loyalties to Russian and Turkish Orthodox patriarchs. While an Istanbul patriarch has lifted a condemnation of Ukrainian Orthodoxy, a Moscow patriarch has severed ties with Kiev.

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Moscow reporting on the Ukraine Church talks

(COMMENTARY) Nothing much has changed in Western reporting about Russia since 1939. A recent meeting between the Patriarchs Cyril of Moscow and Bartholomew of Constantinople over an autocephalous or independent orthodox church in Ukraine is yet another example of the fog that surrounds Russian reporting.

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