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Seeing the divine: 17th century paintings show playful and sensual sides of Hindu gods

(ART REVIEW) The exhibition shows the interactions of humans with Hindu gods like Shiva and the mischievous side of Krishna, with his lover Radha and stealing butter and the clothes of women bathing outside.

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India-Pakistan Conflict: When War Reporting Takes Sides

(COMMENTARY) Fake news and biased reporting characterizes the military conflict between India and Pakistan, with some news channels parroting government claims that haven’t checked out.

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A Journey to Eradicate Menstrual Exile

In western parts of Nepal, menstruating girls and women are sent to cow sheds or huts despite a law banning the practice. The Nepalis in Myanmar also treat the practice as an integral part of their culture. Nandar Gyawalli is calling for the abolition of this tradition which recently claimed the lives of a mother and two sons in Nepal.

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