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The real story of America's bloody struggle for religious freedom

We talked with Steven Waldman, founder of BeliefNet and author of the new book Sacred Liberty, about America’s battles for religious freedom— how the notion that the US was founded with religious liberty in mind is wrong— our current challenges for preserving it, and much more.

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Conservative columnist David French defends religious liberty while opposing Trump

It may be the one issue in America capable of uniting Mormons, Native Americans, Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians. The issue of religious liberty has, in recent years, increasingly galvanized people of many faith traditions in the United States to unite against secular forces. One of its most-vocal backers and eloquent advocates is opinion journalist David French.

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Unfinished 2019 business in America's ongoing First Amendment wars over religious liberty

(COMMENTARY) There’s a federal lawsuit against the University of Iowa for removing a Christian business group’s on-campus recognition on grounds of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

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