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Ugandan pastors reject policy requiring official training to start a church

A proposed policy to require pastors to pass through training before opening church is creating controversy in Uganda. The policy is meant to increase financial accountability in religious institutions, but critics say it’s unconstitutional and could spell trouble for religious freedom.

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The State of Journalism in Uganda

The responsibility change the current situation in Uganda rests on the journalists themselves. The government will likely never see it in their best interest to set the press free, but the journalists have the duty to serve the public. Therefore, the need for a stronger, concerted voice against abuse by government agencies must remain stronger than the opposition we face.

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Remember the Church Page? RNS story on churches aiding South Sudanese refugees will take you back

(COMMENTARY) The Republic of South Sudan is one of the world’s misery portals. Since its independence in 2011, it has known little else but war, poverty, hunger and political infighting among its power elites. South Sudan sought to secede from its northern neighbor, Sudan, in large part over religion. A newly brokered power-sharing agreement could change things for the better. However, those in the international media paying close attention to South Sudan note that we’ve been here before. 

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