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Fear and Confusion Grips India’s Northeast as 1.9 Million People Face Statelessness

The Indian government is building detention camps for those left off the citizenship list, many of whom have lived in India for generations, fueled by suspicions of Bengali Muslims migrating illegally.

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On World Refugee Day, an overview of a persecuted Muslim minority

The Rohingya, an ethnic minority persecuted by some Buddhist groups in Myanmar, are facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises of this century. We spoke to Yangon-based activist Sam Naeem about the evolution of their struggle so far.

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A migrant photographer’s guide to survival from Bangladesh to New York City: 'Do it yourself'

Long before he became an esteemed, internationally-recognized photographer — or even long before he owned a camera — Amir Hamja spent his college years in pharmacy school absorbing articles, books and tutorials of photography online.

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