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Muslim leaders are conspicuously silent on China’s persecution of their fellow believers

(OPINION) Global concern about the plight of Muslims in China has increased as reports have detailed the government’s cruelty. Not so, however, among Muslim leaders of other countries.

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5 reasons the world needs a wake-up call on religious persecution

(OPINION) The United Nations has established for the first time ever on Aug. 22 a day to draw attention to people groups around the world violently persecuted for their religious beliefs: Yazidis in Syria and Iraq, Christians in Nigeria, faith minorities in Pakistan, Rohingya in Myanmar, Uighur Muslims in China and others.

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Disappearing Chinese Uighurs are likely victims of organ harvesting

A recent report estimates 60,000 organ transplant surgeries happen in China every year, an industry adding $1 billion a year to the economy and cracking down on religious groups seen as a threat to the Communist Party.

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