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What do Christians around the world think about gay clergy and marriages?

(COMMENTARY) After the United Methodist Church’s decision to uphold its ban on same-sex marriage and clergy by only a narrow margin, what’s the status on other church policies globally?

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At March for Life, embracing ancient doctrines reveals modern tensions

(COMMENTARY) While the United Methodist Church homepage notes a tension between upholding the sanctity of unborn human life and also the life and well-being of the mother, Bishop Timothy Whitaker spoke out against abortion referencing the Didache, a doctrinal statement on “gross sins” like murder.

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Life after Sexual Revolution: United Methodists still waiting for final shoe to drop

After decades of fighting about sex and marriage, the world's 12.5 million United Methodists are still waiting for a final shoe to drop. It's less than a year until a special General Conference that has been empowered to choose a model for United Methodist life after the Sexual Revolution – some path to unity, rather than schism.

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