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India’s Supreme Court to hear 'untouchable' Christians' plea for equality

India’s affirmative action policy for Dalits excludes Muslims and Christians. A petition filed by several human rights activists and Christian organizations is challenging the policy’s constitutionality.

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Indian faith leaders sign pledge to promote harmony, defend religion

The faith leaders, representing Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jewish, Ravidas and Bahá'í  followers, declared to preach harmony and peace amidst rising religious violence in India.

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The Archbishop of Delhi's Call for Prayer

Why has a letter by the Archbishop of Delhi to all the Parish priests and religious institutions in the Archdiocese of Delhi with the subject ‘Prayer for our nation’ created a firestorm in India? The media suddenly is abuzz after several different voices across the political spectrum cry foul that the letter is meant to divide the nation on communal lines. Notably, the right wing Hindu organization’s ideologue called it a "direct attack on secularism and democracy."

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