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Why the Vatican is debating priestly celibacy in the Amazon

A discussion in Rome this week will include whether the church should allow flexibility in its traditional vow of celibacy for priests to ordain married men in the remote Amazon. The decision could very well impact Catholicism around the world.

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Chaput-Martin feud highlights media distortion of Catholicism

Who is made a cardinal can be loaded with intrigue. It’s why the Catholic church is covered like a political institution and less like a religion. It is this dangerous tendency, largely on the part of the secular press, to reduce theological positions to political ones that has fueled divisions during the Pope Francis era.

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Disruption to U.S. religious retail brings many story leads

(COMMENTARY) The closing of the Southern Baptist Convention’s LIfeWay Christian Resources is just one example of how religious stores are grappling with what products they can or should sell and how to compete with online retailers.

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