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All the pope's PR men: What's happened to the Vatican press office?

(OPINION) Let’s start with a loaded question. But it’s a questions that journalists really need to ask, because of trends during recent events in Catholic life. Is the Vatican’s press office helping to push a progressive agenda that could forever change the Catholic church?

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Catholicism at a crossroads: 3 takeaways from the Amazon Synod

(OPINION) The battle for the future direction of the church was played out among the bishops who participated in the synod aimed at addressing issues affecting Catholicism in the region of the Amazon that encompasses a great swath of South America. It’s ramifications, however, could very well impact the global church.

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Meet the Vatican’s revamped press office and the challenges it faces

(NEWS ANALYSIS) The Vatican press office may be second only to the White House communications department when it comes to ranking the world’s busiest public relations operation. The upcoming Synod for the Pan-Amazon Region will be their first real test.

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