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Are standard theories about the decline of religion in United States crumbling?

The Religion News Service column “Flunking Sainthood,” as the title indicates, expresses the outlook of liberal Latter-day Saints. But author Jana Riess, who comes armed with a Columbia University doctorate in U.S. religious history, is also interesting when writing about broader matters.

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Pope Francis and Cardinal Sarah look at European Catholicism and do the math

(COMMENTARY) Europe was once the heart of Christendom and sent waves of missionaries around the world. Now it’s is suffering from "vocational sterility," in part because of a "dictatorship of money" that is seducing the young. In a recent speech to Italy's bishops, Pope Francis offered a sobering sound bite: "How many seminaries, churches, monasteries and convents will be closed in the next few years? God only knows."

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