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These 24 Indian villages are eliminating caste names to fight discrimination

A group of village councils in North India decided to tackle caste discrimination by changing their names — stripping their postal addresses, name plates, social media accounts and vehicle windshields of caste markers.

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South Asia's cradle of Sufism is losing its traditional music

Kashmiri classical music, which blends Sufi traditions from Persia with Indian classical music, is facing threat of extinction as fewer students have leisure or funds to study the art form and fewer maestros exist to teach them. Its musicians believe the genre could bring peace to the army-occupied region, following the ways of Sufi mystics who preached peace, tolerance, pluralism and universalism.

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For the first time, Indian transgender gurus bless followers at mass Hindu pilgrimage

The transgender community in India is pushing for inclusion in sacred spaces at one of the world’s largest religious gatherings.

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