Top 10 Religion Stories of 2017

We solicited our 800+ members around the world and our TMP Board to get their nominations for the "Top 10 Religion Stories of 2017". The following is a list of the stories we believe feature the best religion reporting of the past year. In addition to the stories on this list, there were several other notable stories worth mentioning. We have also included a list of those stories below...

Note: We received hundreds of nominations but most of them came from media outlets based in the U.S. and UK. We had hoped to receive more stories from other parts of the world. Please keep us posted of top religion stories you come across this year so we can include them in our "Top 10 List" next year.

The Top Ten Religion Stories of 2017: (in no specific order)

1.  The New York Times: "The Two Americans" by Sabrina Tavernise

2. The New Yorker: Roy Moore and the Invisible Religious Right” by Benjamin Wallace-Wells

3. Washington Post / Sunday Magazine: “She Led Trump to Christ – The Rise of the televangelist who advises the White House” by Julia Duin

4. The Atlantic: China’s Unregistered Churches Drive Religious Revolution" by Ian Johnson 

5. BBC Newsnight Post: "Murder on Campus: The story of Mashal Khan" By Sikindar Kirmani 

6. San Antonio Express News:A month after church massacre faith and healing in Sutherland Springs” by Silvia Foster-Frau

7. Sports Illustrated:You Can’t Give In: Monty Williams on Life After Tragedy" by Chris Ballard

8.  New York Times Deliverance from 27,000 feet” by Rajneesh Bhandari, Chandrasekhar Bhattacharjee and Arka Dutta..

9.  The Washington Post: "How the prosperity gospel is sparking a major change in predominantly Catholic Brazil" by Sarah Pulliam Bailey

10. The New York Times: Motives in Egypt’s Deadliest Terrorist Attack: Religion and Revenge” by Nour Youssef

Honorable Mentions: (in no specific order)