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Are Brazilian Christians who elected Bolsonaro losing faith in him?

A fragile Christian alliance that supported Pres. Bolsonaro’s election to office in October is weakening amid rising unemployment, budget cuts to education, and their leader’s negative comments about women, black people and the LGBT community.

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7 Holy Week traditions from across the globe

While the death and resurrection of Jesus marks the holiest time on the Christian calendar, different cultures and nations celebrate in very unique ways. Here’s a look at seven international traditions from Bermuda to the Philippines.

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The Life And Death of Peru's Alan Garcia Perez

The suicide of former Peruvian President Alan García Pérez marks an unprecedented event in the country’s political history. García shot himself inside of his home when police arrived to arrest him for reports that he was the recipient of bribes in a corruption case known as “Lavajato.”

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Pope Benedict and Cardinal Sarah provide leadership in the age of Francis

(COMMENTARY) Again, it was conservative Catholic media that proved to be the preferred mouthpiece for Cardinal Robert Sarah and Pope Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI over the past week. Both men — with help from right-leaning news organizations — have been very vocal about the problems plaguing the church.

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Prayers for Venezuela: Faith and famine in the ongoing economic crisis

Every day, state control intensifies at every level. All forms of demonstrations are prohibited. Cities across Venezuela have become militarized zones littered with heavily-armed soldiers and tanks. My friends, who are also journalists, have been fired from reporting the truth.

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'Tropical Trump' Bolsonaro beholden to Catholic-Evangelical alliance

(NEWS ANALYSIS) Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro — dubbed by some political commentators as the “Trump of the Tropics” — has been dogged by controversy and scandal. The result? That Christian coalition of supporters, a U.S.-style religious right, could very well abandon Bolsonaro if he ultimately fails to deliver.

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The African ‘Women’s Wave’ is powered by pro-choice Christian feminists

These African women’s activists say greater access to safe abortions will save women’s lives—and they believe that’s the most Christian response.

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Pope Francis has the chance to repair Catholicism at upcoming World Youth Day

(COMMENTARY) There is a spiritual hunger around the world. Pope Francis needs to get back to basics and focus on evangelization like John Paul II did during his papacy. This pope needs to be less political and more spiritual. He needs to break free from the labels that have been heaped on him by critics and supporters alike. He needs to get back to the universal message of the church that resonates in both industrialized nations and the developing world. 

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Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage

From the Buenos Aires Herald. Newspapers from all over the world echoed and praised the Argentine Senate's decision to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, making the country the first in Latin America and the tenth around the world to grant equal rights to homosexual couples.

Most of the dailies celebrated the achievement, calling it "historic" and branding Argentina as a "pioneer country."

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Ciudad Juarez: between God and the Devil

Ver en español. Visitors arriving in Cuidad Juarez can't help but notice the message on one of the hills overlooking the city: "Ciudad Juarez, the Bible is the truth. Read it."

Such outward expressions of faith could easily lead a visitor to think that Juarez is bursting with religious fervor, a place where its churches are influential and an important part of life.

But this is in fact not the case.

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