Faith sustains trapped Chilean miners


FROM CNN. For the Rev. Juan Carlos Sansadral, there is only one word to describe the survival of 33 Chilean miners in a collapsed mine: “miracle.”

Whether or not their salvation will ever officially be classified as an act of God remains to be seen, but the Catholic priest who oversees a parish in the area and has counseled many of the miners’ families stands firm. “It was truly a miracle,” he said.

At a recent Mass on the Sunday that miners' families commemorated 30 days passing since the August 5 mine collapse, Sansadral told his parishioners, “May God continue to give us the strength that he has so far.”

Behind the Father is a statue of San Lorenzo, the patron saint of miners, easily recognizable for his miner’s helmet and for whom the ongoing rescue effort is named.

Faith has provided support to the miners' families in this predominantly Catholic country. “Camp Hope,” where many of them are living during the rescue effort, is dotted with makeshift shrines with pictures of Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI, and a collection of saints.


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