Cult-inspired killer recants confession

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NAIROBI, Kenya - In a dramatic turn of events Kenya’s self-confessed serial killer is now denying ever killing some of the victims he had earlier admitted murdering. Philip Ondara Onyancha, the 30-year old father of two who shocked Kenya after admitting that he had been enticing and killing children and women and sucking their blood in a cult related activity is now surprisingly saying he didn’t kill.

Onyancha who has been appearing before different courts of law in areas where he had earlier led the police where confessed he committed the heinous activity.

Mr. Onyancha pleaded not guilty of murder moments after the court received a medical report by psychiatrists confirming that he was mentally fit to stand trial. The court last month, the court ordered that the suspect undergoes such test to before he is subjected to the trial.

Mr. Onyancha has not responded to the allegations against him after his lawyer asked the court to subject him to more tests in regard to mind soundness before standing trail.

Philip Ondara Onyancha in a grim confession says by the time of his arrest in June 2010 had killed 19 people by strangling and drinking their blood. During his earlier confession Onyancha said he was doing this in hope of attaining a higher and powerful rank in a cult.

But now he is denying having murder some of his victims he personally in front of media cameras had led the police and identified he had murdered while he was working for a security firm G4S.

During the mention of his case Monday this week, Onyancha and his two suspected accomplices Douglas Obiero Makori and Tobias Nyabuhanga denied murdering Catherine Chelangat and Jackline Chepng’etich Misoi.

Onyancha, Kenya’s first ever self-confessed serial killer says before his arrest by a special crime prevention unit of the police, he intended to kill 100 people in order to be rewarded with a “very” high rank in the cult.

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