Argentina legalizes same-sex marriage


From the Buenos Aires Herald. Newspapers from all over the world echoed and praised the Argentine Senate's decision to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, making the country the first in Latin America and the tenth around the world to grant equal rights to homosexual couples.

Most of the dailies celebrated the achievement, calling it "historic" and branding Argentina as a "pioneer country."

US online news site "The Huffington Post" celebrated the landmark decision by having the headline in Spanish. "Matrimonio para todos!" (Marriage for all!) it read, in Spanish, featuring a photograph of several same-sex marriage activists in front of the Argentine Congress yesterday.

Also, Spain's "El País" said the measure was "historic" while adding that it was hard to believe that certain issues were still being debated on the 21st century. "Spain was certainly an example when it came to legalizing same-sex marriage in other countries," the paper's website remarked.

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