TV's hit show 'LOST' delved deeply into Christian imagery


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Concepts of faith and belief were long held factors in the wildly popular "Lost," but never were they more prominent than they were in Sunday's series finale.

In the ABC show's final episode, we see all of the show's main characters, as well as many from seasons past; reunite in a church as they make their way to the afterlife.

"The faith axis seems like it's a big part of the show this year and faith is really important to both of us," said Carlton Cuse, one half of the show's producing team, which also included Damon Lindelof. "The show is a reflection of our beliefs."

From Communion-like rituals to multiple debates over faith versus science, the series has continually wrestled with these two concepts, which are often at odds in our society.

"First of all, I wouldn't say that either [Damon or I] was a man of science or a man of faith," Cuse told The News. "I think that Damon and I trade those roles back and forth. I think that's the beauty of the creative process, [and] I think that we try to put our own discussions and our questionings as humans about the nature of our existences into the show."

In a season that was replete with iconic religious and spiritual references, the show's main character, Jack Shephard, found himself at the center of the finale. His "hero's journey" clearly took on a Jesus Christ-like arc as he accepted his destiny and ultimately sacrificed himself.

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