Mexican journalist found dismembered


Mexican authorities found the dismembered remains of a reporter kidnapped in 2007 stuffed into a barrel in the Mexican state of Tabasco, according to CNN.

The remains, which had also been dissolved in acid, were not sufficient to conduct a DNA test to confirm the reporter's identity. Silvia Gil of the attorney general's office announced that members of the feared cartel Las Zetas confessed to the crime and identified the remains as belonging to Rodolfo Rincon Taracena, according to the Associated Press.

Las Zetas targeted Taracena because he reported on petty drug dealing in the city of Villahermosa in the Tabasco Hoy newspaper, where he disappeared in January of 2007, according to Reporters without Borders.

Reporters without Borders criticized the decision to close the case based on third-party confessions and will continue to push for a positive identification of the remains.

Tobasco Hoy's management has also criticized the attorney general's investigation as being riddled with irregularities, according to Reporters without Borders.

The information that Las Zetas members provided led police to search a property where they found another five bodies. Those bodies await identification.

Taracena is the third journalist murdered so far this year in Mexico, the most dangerous nation for journalists in the Western hemisphere.