Hollywood gets religion with its recent films


From USA TODAY | Read article in context. By Scott Bowles

LOS ANGELES — In the nascent marketing of The Book of Eli last year, Warner Bros. executives urged the press not to reveal the title of the book, hoping to save it as a twist.

Now, stars and filmmakers can't be more vocal in pointing out that the titular book is a Bible.

Such is the suddenly divine landscape of Hollywood, where God is selling like hotcakes. Emboldened by the success of mainstream films such as The Blind Side, studios are looking to tout elements of faith in their pictures.

This month offers a few pseudo-spiritual choices: Eli opens Friday, the same day Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, which lushly portrays the afterlife, expands nationwide. Legion, about a war that breaks out after God loses his faith in mankind, opens Jan. 22.

Hollywood's conversion is simple to explain: There's money in faith...

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