Rwandan journalist writes new script in Cape Town


Raymond Kalisa from Rwanda is not new to journalism. He has been working as a freelancer for international media organizations such as CNN, BBC, and ITN for some time. Coming from Rwanda has also influenced his choice to become a journalist because he wanted to let the world know what happened in his country during the genocide.

The workshop was a great opportunity for me. We had to go to a strange place in South Africa and without any idea about it or even knowing anybody be able to identify my characters and make a story around them in just 3 minutes. That made me realize another side of me that I didn't know.

Q - You have just finished a week long workshop in short documentaries sponsored by The Media Project. How was it? Did it meet your expectations?

At first, I was asking myself how it was going to be during the training. But when we started I realized that I had a weakness in writing and being able to tell stories. As we kept on training, I spotted where my weakness where and now after the program, I am able to sit down and write a script. So I have already started writing my first shot film.

Q - What kind of ideas do you have for new productions in the coming year?

I have already identified my stories and hope to have more before the end of the year. I wish we could have more programs going on every now and then. With this there can be more strong story tellers.


                          THE ROUGH WATERS OF CAPE TOWN

                                          By Raymond Khalisa

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