Kenyan journalist finds art in storytelling


has always loved telling stories both in writing and narrating. Stella is a producer currently working at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in Nairobi Kenya. She has worked as a producer for 3 years. Previously she worked as a news reporter for Citizen television in Kenya.

Stella told us The Media Project's week-long workshop in Cape Town gave her new insight into the art of making short video documentaries.

“I went to a village high school where having a television was a privilege. During holidays we would all gather in our neighbor’s house to watch the only TV set in the neighborhood. Then I realized that there is an even a better way to tell stories using pictures. At school I started a journalism club that helped me start off and understand what journalism is all about. After high school I was very sure what I wanted to be a journalist to tell people stories - and in a flash reach millions. And also be the voice of the voiceless in society!”

Q - You have just finished a week-long workshop in short documentaries sponsored by The Media Project.  Did it meet your expectations?

“The Media Project was the best thing ever happened in my career as a journalist and producer. Getting to learn from the best in this field and sharing experiences from different countries was awesome! And the idea of equipping me with the right equipment to be able to produce my own documentaries was very nice.”

“I am back in my country with more knowledge on documentary production from the ideas, shooting, editing and submission on my own. Now I am able to tell stories from my country at my own time.”

Q -During the workshop you recorded and edited a short documentary.  How was that experience?

“At the beginning I thought this could not be possible! I mean in a very short span of time I have to come up with something. Being in a totally new place makes it impossible!

But when I looked around and realized that I was learning from the best I said: “This is it! I got to do it!! When I a day  later got to location my mind was made up on what I wanted to do and I just went for it . . . and hoping you liked it!”

Q - What kind of ideas do you have for new productions in the coming year?

"I am thinking about a lot of issues in my country from environment, health, religion, poverty, education...among many others. I will be pitching some very soon."



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