A totally new learning experience


from Burundi is a young man skilled in radio broadcasting. Gorgon told us that the determination to work with various private radio stations led him to his current job. He was member of the advanced pilot team to launch Rema FM Radio stations and now has the top job. But he does not hide his calling to become a journalist:

“I am currently serving as editor in chief with Rema FM radio station; a self owned radio station based in Bujumbura Capital. My interest to be a journalist springs from radio broadcasts during the war time in my country. Radio was the main source of information on daily events. Since 2002, I worked with several radio stations and as a freelance writer since 2007 for a news paper based in Uganda called East African Business Week.”

“I became a journalist to voice out the difficulties facing the population. I want to call for the attention of the decision makers to sort out some of the problems hindering the grass roots citizens’ daily life and keep them informed on what is going all over the country and around the world.”

Q - During the workshop you recorded and edited a short documentary.  How was that experience? 

“The workshop was well planned and organized with skilled lecturers. It met my expectations since I managed to produce a short documentary! It was like being baptized through fire but it made me achieve something only in a few days. In the start; it was so hard for me to catch up with the rest but I paced up with them to some extent along the time. It was a fascinating experience whereby every journalist learned new concepts adding on to what he or she had from their previous professional background. The workshop has also been a good opportunity to exchange experience.”

Q - What subjects are you considering for future video projects?

“I am also thinking about working on the history of Burundi. This includes some touristy sites in my country - places that have local significance but also attract tourists from all over the world like the water falls in the south of Burundi and a place where German troops withdrew chased by Belgians colonizers.”