A refreshing new experience


Chris Khisa has been a journalist for the last 20 years in public broadcasting stations. He spent most of his years in the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation - KBC, and then some years in the private-sector Citizen TV and a short stint in PR in government and the private sector. He is currently a public communications consultant and a lecturer in journalism in Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya.

Q - Chris, as a true 'veteran player' in this game, tell us why you became a journalist.

β€œTo me journalism is like a calling, I desired to become a journalist when I was in secondary school. I used to admire broadcasters of football matches and motor rallying. This inspired me even to start writing poems to broadcasting station during that time!”

Q - During the workshop you recorded and edited a short documentary.  How was that experience?

"The workshop was very good. As broadcast journalist of many years it was a refreshing new experience. And indeed it met my expectations."

"It was good,because having been a writer throughout and depending on cameramen and video editors to do my work, doing the entire work all on my own was a good and long lasting experience."

"I plan to use some ideas and the training I got to shoot and edit on my own some documentaries and also use this knowledge to share with my colleagues and student at the University I am now teaching."